Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's amazing how much work is coming my way now that I'm back in the studio. And it is a real pleasure to be working with my apprentice, Edan. He's got so much to offer, and so much energy. It's fun working with someone who is finding direction.

The studio was closed down for a few months because I wanted to focus and develop a plan around my new company, Inspiring Connection. I've got a much better start on that, so now I'm back in the studio and filling orders. Thanks to Kentucky Artisan Center @ Berea for the substantial order to restock. Any of you who want to restock or to place your holidays order, call me soon to get in the production schedule.

Below is an excerpt from my InspiringConnection blog. I include it because all arts and their challenges are an integral part of what comes through my clay works.

After a generous evening of musical instruction from a kind, generous, and incredibly talented friend, I was discouraged. I realized that this friend had intended to help me, but my goal was to show that I was a good musician on my own. He gave me a wake up call that I was not a musician of his caliber, and that my desire to be included was a bit ambitious at this point in my learning curve.

The fact is, I had not aspired to that level of performance until I had begun to play with other musicians in public. This was quite the stretch for me, way out of my comfort zone. But I pushed myself, set aside my fears, and jumped in with both feet.

I was stroking my ego with the positive response, and feeding my joy with the simple pleasure of creating music with the synergy of other live musicians. What a blast!

I can feel the correction to my ego after last evening, and I know that this is a small bump in the road. I am determined to see where I can go with the musical talent that I have been given. I have decided to let my own light shine. Let the chips fall where they may. And I will focus on the joy that I derive from the experience.


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